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“I’m dealing with a 500+ blood sugar!!” was heard as the phone was answered.“Karen, you know what to do, insulin lowers the blood sugar,” was our calming response. You see Karen was a long-time friend whose daughter attended camp for years. She occasionally called to vent on stressful days.

“I’m not talking about my daughter….it’s my baby boy!!” she exclaimed, as she began to cry— “I need help NOW.”

NOW is a word we often hear in our office. We provide the support and education those with diabetes need NOW. The families we serve CANNOT WAIT FOR A CURE IN THE FUTURE. THEY NEED HELP NOW.

Camp Setebaid® and The HDYC have served four generations of campers WHEN THEY NEEDED THE HELP. Our founders were wise community volunteers who understood diabetes camp is not a luxury, it is critical to independence in managing diabetes.

We appreciate the large diabetes organizations on the quest for a cure, because many of us, the community volunteers who operate the diabetes camps, will benefit from a cure. However, without Setebaid®, there would have been over 20 years and over 3,000 children living with diabetes, who would not have been helped when they needed it most.

We need your help to reach our goal of $50,000. Your support will enable us to continue serving children living with diabetes TODAY, when they need it most!

Please help a child living with diabetes NOW and offer your generous support today!