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Why Setebaid Turned Suzie's Diabetes Around

Suzie, one of the star field hockey players on her school team, ran to the side of the field at Setebaid's® camp. She thanked her Mom for allowing her to come to camp. Her Mother knew Setebaid had changed Suzie's life and asked her why Setebaid was so important to her. Suzie exclaimed, "because at Setebaid, everyone has diabetes. For the first time in my life, I'm Suzie, the great hockey player. Don't get me wrong, Mom…everyone at school is caring, but I'm always Suzie, the girl with diabetes. I'm always DIFFERENT. Here, for the first time in my life, I'm just like everyone else."

Suzie went on, "Mom, I know why the kids named this camp SETEBAID because it really does turn my diabetes around. Thank you for sending me here."

As Suzie ran back onto the field, her mother waved to her with a tear rolling down her cheek. She knew, Setebaid was possible because of those in the community who provided Setebaid for children living with diabetes.

Thank you for supporting children living with diabetes.